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Aerospace Manufacturing in Philadelphia

Our Founder / History ... Living the American Dream

Elmars Vitols, age 29, emigrated from Latvia to the United States after WWII in 1951.

He had a wife, and two small children; they spoke no English. Because he had machining abilities, he was able to find work, in three different jobs in order to save money to support his family. Eventually he started his own business.

In 1962, with the help of his wife, he opened Vitols Tool & Machine Corporation in the basement of a 7-eleven store.  The modest business consisted of only two employees, yet produced precision machined parts for a wide variety of industries.

In 1969, as the business flourished, he moved the company to a 30,000 sq. ft. building that was privately built, and was able to hire more employees.

Then, in 1985, he once again relocated the business, to another, privately built, 60,000 sq. ft. facility, where the company is still located today.

Since his passing, the company is operating under the expertise of his son; Robert, his daughter; Ingrid, and the “family of employees” which include second and third generation employee families. Aerospace manufacturing in Philadelphia requires hard work, dedication, and pride as the cornerstones of this company’s success. Special credit and thanks to the Plant Manager, Michael Morrow.

The company currently offers high-precision aerospace manufacturing for aerospace and the military, as well as a variety of commercial businesses, such as the bakery, flooring, and medical industries.

Honors & Awards

  • 1985 Small Business Sub-Contractor of the Year (Nominated by Lockheed Martin/Formerly Known as RCA)
  • The US Small Business Administration's Administrator's Award for Excellence
  • Martin Marietta Proven Supplier Quality Award
  • AS9100 Certification
  • Letter of Appreciation from the Lockheed Martin Fleet Ballistic Missiles Program
  • Smith's Aerospace/Marconi Certified Quality Supplier (1994 - 2002)
  • Preferred Supplier of Aerospace Manufactured Parts for Harris Corporation (2002 - Present)