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Specializing in Precision Machining for the Aerospace, Defense, and Various Commercial Industries Since 1962.

*Our Quality Management System is ISO 9001
and AS 9100 certified.*

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A Full-Service Precision Machining Company in Philadelphia, PA

Vitols Tool & Machine Corporation is a full-service, precision machine company in Philadelphia, PA. With over 55 years of industry experience, we can not only produce quality machined parts to your specifications, but we also provide cost-effective engineering services that allow you to customize your order and have your parts delivered in a timely manner.

Vitols manufactures a diverse range of parts; from the high tolerance, intricate machining needs of the aerospace industry, to the “simpler” yet still precision requirements of customers, ranging from bakery equipment to floor tile manufacturing.

No job is too big or too small; all are equally important to us, as they are to you, our customer.

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About Us

Vitols Tool & Machine Corporation is a family-owned-and-operated manufacturing company, dedicated to providing the very best in close tolerance and quality machining services since its inception in 1962.  Over the years, we have received many accolades for the same, and we pride ourselves in consistently providing our customers with the quality and “on-time” delivery expected with each and every order we receive. Client satisfaction is, and always will be, our #1 objective. As a testament to this, we continually receive an “A” rating from the major U.S. aerospace companies for both quality and delivery.

A Trusted Precision Machining Company

When you need custom parts machined, trust our precision machining company to handle the work. At Vitols, we strongly believe in providing high-quality craftsmanship on every piece we cut. This way you know that the parts you are receiving meet the tolerances you expect and are ready for whatever application you need them for. 

We’re experienced in providing specialized parts for many different applications. From commercial companies to the defense industry, we’re proud to have worked with a wide range of clientele, which has further expanded our own capabilities. We’re also well-versed in aerospace machined parts, utilizing high-grade stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and plastics to ensure top-quality fabrication. Likewise, by being flexible with the types of machines we operate, we are able to provide the exact parts you require in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Guaranteed Quality

At our machine shop, we understand the importance of delivering parts that meet the highest quality standards. This is why we have thorough and complete testing and quality management processes to test every piece we make before delivering it to you. This process is used to guarantee that the manual and CNC machined parts we are making fit within the tolerances you require and that they are free from imperfections.

Contact us when you need a trusted and reliable machine shop to craft precision parts for your business. We proudly serve Philadelphia, PA, and the surrounding areas.


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